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Pelé de los Reyes

About this Artist

Ildefonso de los Reyes, better known as Pelé, is a flamenco-fusion gypsy singer and founder of the group “Navajita Plateá” along with Francisco Carrasco Soto (Curro).

Their first hit “Un Grito Al Aire” (Scream to the Wind) was chosen for the first nationwide anti-xenophobia ad campaign made by RTVE Television. He was then catapulted to the echelon of “nuevo flamenco” (new flamenco) innovators. He was then nominated for best artist and best flamenco composer for the album "Contratiempos,“ reaching the Billboard charts with the hit song “Frío Sin Ti” (Cold without you). Received a Triple Platinum Disc with their album "Desde mi Azotea" (From my Rooftop), and best song of the year with their legendary “Noches de Bohemia” (Bohemian Nights) from the Music Awards, Spain (“Premios de la Música, España”.) Consolidating them as one of the best flamenco groups of Spain.

Their fourth album was nominated for the Latin Grammy 2001. His songs were chosen for the soundtrack for the film “Días Contados” (Counted Days) by film director Imanol Uribe. Pelé was also featured in Joaquin Cortes´ film "Gitano“ (Gypsy).

Navajita Plateá participated in hundreds of national and international concerts and tours. They were opening act for Chuck Berry. They have performed with Joe Cocker, The Chieftains, and Maná among others and with flamenco artists such as Moraito chico, Jose Mercé, Diego Carrasco, Ana Belen, Manzanita, El Sorderita and many more. His most recent collaboration has been Concha Buika on a sublime version of "Frio Sin Ti".