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Get a guided tour of the evening’s music before your concert

Listening to live music is always better when you know the context behind the program. With Upbeat Live, key thinkers and guest musicians – including members of the LA Phil – share their expertise and offer historical and cultural context for your program’s pieces, giving you a deeper understanding of the music.

• WHEN: Select concerts listed below
• WHERE: BP Hall at Walt Disney Concert Hall; main auditorium for Friday matinees
• COST: Free for ticketholders
• RUNNING TIME: 1 hour
• START TIME: 1 hour before the concert start time; 9:45am for Friday matinees

Upcoming Pre-concert Talks



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Dial in on your way to the Hall
Stuck in traffic? Dial 1 605 475 4333 on your way to the Hall, enter access code 184648 to join.* 

* Dial in not available for Friday matinees. This number is not toll free, so the cost will depend on rates charged by your long distance carrier (Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, etc.) to area code 605, South Dakota. There are no additional fees. We do not require the use of any specific carrier, nor do we know what rates patrons pay on their calling plans.